Lili Flamenco

man surrounded by people

I believe that Dance Performance exists to communicate and teach. It is an embodied language that have different forms, shapes, and expression. The source of the inspiration for my choreographies and performances comes from the need to express a story or a personal experience. My purpose is to invite people to move and think deeply.

I started My Flamenco Dance training in Vancouver, B.C more than 10 years ago and continue to develop my artistic skills locally and internationally.
I perform regularly in the lower mainland at The Kino Cafe and East is East restaurant, private and community events. I Have been performing at the vancouver flamenco festival and the victoria flamenco festival yearly since 2018.

I take pride in collaborating  with local dance artists and musicians and I strive to create new works and projects. I am an expressive dancer. Most of my work is based on the human condition and personal experiences. I Like to combine theatre and flamenco dance to express, to tell a story.

" The passionate, expressive, and challenging nature of Flamenco inspires me to research, create, and perform it. As a dance artist My purpose is to inspire, teach, connect, and express"
Liat Har lev (Lili)